Every day, pictures of beautiful horses standing in kill pens flood my inbox. Still young and full of life, horses are shuffled off to slaughter plants from racetracks, summer camps, backyards, show stables and even elite breeding stables. Led to a scale and priced for meat before their death, no one cares about their age, their trophies, or where they came from. The greatest chance these horses have of finding their way into safe and loving homes is to tell their stories to the public. ~ Susan Kayne

RHR Underwriting Amplifies Your Brand Goodness … 

By supporting Real Horse Rescues, you will:

  • Help to educate the public on the true worth of horses as teachers, healers, friends, and partners to enrich the human experience. 
  • Help to bring valuable, timely information to the public, which ultimately contributes to saving the lives slaughter-bound horses. 
  • Help to foster growth in our local equine community from a place of compassion. 

Our Audience Supports Brands Doing Good …  

Our audience is truly listening, they use their buying power for advocacy and positivity, and seek out companies who support initiatives in alignment with their core values. 

We interact with socially conscientious consumers, and the enormous passionate niche of individuals who volunteer and support animal rescues, sanctuaries, shelters, and adoption organizations. 

Your association with RHR identifies your company as a humane-minded organization with an interest in the community that goes beyond simply selling a product or service. 

Horses need your compassion now, more than ever before. 
To support the mission of Real Horse Rescues contact: 

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