Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Photographing a horse is more than just capturing a likeness … it is a combination of their unique personality and experiences that reflects their story.

On Saturday, September 26, 2015 Equine Advocates offered a photography class with professional wildlife photographer Jim Craner as part of the Chatham Area Farm & Art Tour Day.

Jim is the man behind the lens in many stunning images of EA residents. Real Horse Rescues caught up with the lensmaster in the field with students and horses. Jim graciously shared his perspective and offered tips to aspiring equine photographers. (VIDEO BELOW).

As Lily, Terry, and Suzie posed like magnificent muses, no one would guess the terrible circumstances they came from. Each one of these horses is a daughter of a rescued PMU production line mare. The bodies of PMU mares are used to create hormonal drugs by the pharmaceutical industry. Confined into unspeakably cruel, cramped, and crowded manufacturing barns, these horses are tortured and ultimately discarded for slaughter when they become too weak to produce.

The photography students at Equine Advocates, not only captured images, but also brought home real stories about the lives of horses; anyone touched by the magic of horses can also become an ambassador for their wellbeing.

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