The horse, throughout recorded history, more than any other animal, has played the most significant role of in discovering, building, and civilizing the world. Today, these magnificent animals are prevalent as companions, competitive partners, backyard pets, and team members of law enforcement. Though said to be beloved .... they are largely unprotected from harm.

This year, in the midst of celebrating a Triple Crown victor, we can't lose sight of the 150,000+ American horses who are shuffled through an underground network of kill buyers, to be shipped across borders, and brutally butchered. New York’s own Northway serves a main thoroughfare to Canadian slaughter plants. These are not abused, sick, or neglected horses -- they are young, well-bred, domesticated, and trusting horses who have done all that have been asked of them. Despite winning races and ribbons, and teaching kids to ride, they are labeled unwanted and disappear as if they never existed.

Real Horse Rescues’ purpose is to create opportunities for unwanted and at-risk horses to be saved. We work to achieve this by producing educational, inspiring, and relevant media programs to inform and empower the public to directly connect with their local equine sanctuaries, rescues, and adoption stables. It is at these organizations that the public can gain access to in-depth information for all levels of engagement, and be a voice in shaping a healthier equine community based upon the humane treatment of all horses in need.

Right now, critical legislation is under consideration in Washington, D.C., to protect American horses of all breeds from slaughter. The proposed “Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act” would only just begin to protect horses by prohibiting their slaughter for human consumption in the U.S. and banning their export for that purpose.

Until slaughter is not an option, every horse is just one sale away from a kill buyer.

 Our horses deserve so much more … 
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The very best place to delve into the critically important issues facing our beloved horses are on the website pages of the rescues and sanctuaries we have featured throughout ABC-WTEN broadcasts of Real Horse Rescues:

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